All our products are made from 100% HDPE virgin raw materials and can be used as an alternate bags in grocery, shopping and other packaging industries. We provide our clients with customized sizes as per their requirements.
Download our Product Specification Sheet from the link below, to know more about the sizes that are available:

HDPE Garbage or Bin liner bag comes in 4 different sizes and colors. We manufacture 2 types of Garbage Bags which are mentioned below along with their dimensions.

50 x 55 cm x 0.010 mm
60 x 60 cm x 0.010 mm

44 x 48 + 4 cm x 0.010 mm
50 x 56 + 4 cm x 0.010 mm

Key Specifications

  • High Density Polyethylene - HDPE
  • Cleaning, Garbage Handling
  • Custom/LDPE
  • As per requirement
  • Plain
  • Yes